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Nylon vs Everything Else 

When you're talking commercial carpet you really are talking Nylon Pile (Fiber).Nylons Strength and "memory"are the way to go for any Serious commercial carpet project. Pile density is good (how many Fibers per square inch) high weight is good (typically 26 oz nylon at Entry level) but in the end game a dense heavy nylon carpet gives you The best chance at appearance retention for years of solid service. - Order Architect folders here

Commercial Carpet Under padding 

Minimizes floor preparation and helps conceal irregularities. Carpet with separate cushion can mask surface irregularities found on most concrete floors and eliminate the need for costly sub-floors and special finishes. - Order Sample folders here

Wood Flooring 

Wood flooring enjoying a very big comeback in the commercial floor covering arena -refinishing wood floor and the wide variety of species and style(Brazilian cherry wood floor ,white oak hardwood floors ,wide plank hardwood floors and hand scraped wood floors )capture the most basic of construction sensibilities - Order Sample folders here